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01 PROF. ABISOGUN LEIGH Prof. Abisogun Leigh is a former vice chancellor of Lagos State University (LASU) and a former chairman of Lagos State chess association in addition to being a very keen chess enthusiast, he single handedly sponsored a National chess competition while still a lecturer at LASU in the late 80s. He has a chess foundation called the Abisogun Leigh chess foundation that is supportive of so many chess activities in the country. he is a member of the board of trustees of the chess players association of Nigeria.

02 CP SANNI MOHAMMED CP SANNI MOHAMMED is the immediate past president of the Nigeria Chess Federation and also a member of the board of trustees of the Chess Players Association of Nigeria. He was the single biggest supporter of the C4 chess event

03 PROF CLEMENT BEWAJI Prof Bewaji started playing chess in 1964 at the Government College, Ibadan. He was one of many students introduced to the game by an American Peace Corps Volunteer, Mr. Brown. He later served as the Secretary of the Chess Club in the same school from 1966 to 1969. He continued playing chess at a competitive level as a student of the University of Ibadan from 1974. At the University, he also served as the Secretary of the University of Ibadan Chess Club and represented the University at several Inter-University Chess Tournaments. In 1975, the Association (NUCA)( what does NUCA stand for sir?) hosted a former World Chess Champion (Dr. Max Euwe)(he was also president of FIDE at the time, was he not?) who was on a chess-playing tour of Nigeria. He demonstrated his chess skill by beating 25 of us in a simultaneous chess exhibition held at the Students Union Building of the University of Ibadan in 1975. It was while he was at the University of Ibadan that he met Tajudeen Oyeneyin and introduced him to chess and within a year he became the National Chess Champion.!! His academic pursuits did not allow him to make much progress in chess. It is only now that he is less busy, academically, that he has the time to devote to chess and he has improved dramatically. He was a pioneer , in starting a Postal Chess Event in Nigeria at a time when there was no internet. This has now been overtaken by playing chess over many sites on the internet

04 MR. THEOPHILUS CAIAFAS Mr Theophilus Caiafas is a former chairman of the Nigeria Chess Federation and he is arguably the strongest chess playing chairman the Nigeria Chess Federation has ever had, he represented Nigeria at a number pf Chess Olympiads and he is one of only two people who have contributed to every Friends of Chess event organised by Rotimi Dasaolu.

05 DR. BANJI ALABI Dr. Banji Alabi is part of the "Golden Generation" of Friends of Chess sponsors in that they all attended the University of Lagos at the same time, others in this generation include Mr. Femi George, Mr. Lolomari George, Mr Marizu Nwokoma, Mr. Gbenga Ogunshola, Mr. Nnamdi Nwoye, Dr. Okechukwu Iwu and two anonymous sponsors of the 2015 National Friends of Chess. Dr. Alabi's chess idol is judit polgar. He is a keen supporter of the Friends of Chess

06 DR.OKECHUKWU IWUDr Okechukwu Iwu has been a staunch supporter of the friends of chess events over the years, he was the National junior champion in 1992 and he qualified to represent the country at the 1994 Chess Olympiad whilst still in medical school. he presently has a FIDE rating of 2120

07 MR. LOLOMARI GEORGE Mr. Lolomari George was the first president of the Chess Players Association of Nigeria and is a serial winner of the Amateur section of the Gibralter Chess Festival. he has been very supportive of both Friends of Chess and the Chess Players Association of Nigeria. He was the brainchild behind the first C4 event

08 DR. FEMI ADEBAJO Dr. Femi Adebajo has played chess since 1985 and has a FIDE rating of 1972. He is a supporter of chess events and initiatives and continues to contribute ideas for the development of our game.

09 MR. ROBERT ASIBOR Mr Robert Asibor is the current Chairman of the Delta State Chess Association. he is one of two people to have supported every Friends of Chess event and is a very keen blitz player, in his earlier playing days he had a chess recording book which he called his Book of Beauties which was a collection of his games against top rated opposition.




13 MR. JIMSON OLUFUYE Mr. Jimson Olufuye was a strong master in his active playing days. He was the first rating officer of the Nigeria Chess Federation rendering a selfless service with no pay! He is currently the CEO Kontemporary Konsulting & the Chair African ICT Alliance - AFICTA

14 MR. DIRAN OGUNBOLAMr. Diran Ogungbola is a keen chess player married to a fellow chess player. He supports many chess events in the country

15 MR. YINKA ADEWOLE Mr. Yinka Adewole is a chartered accountant by profession and a thorough finance person, he is both a lover and promoter of chess, and a chess philanthropist. He contested for and won the post of CPAN president in may 2013. He has played many competitions both locally and internationally.

16 MISS AYOKANMI AJAYI Miss Ajayi learnt to play chess and shortly after commenced her chess career with the University of Lagos chess team in 2000. During her tenure at the school, she featured as a player and obtained individual as well as team medal at NUGA, going as far as to play at the World University Chess Championship in 2007. Shortly after her university career where she studied Architecture, she retired from active chess to pursue her professional career, but has to date remained an ardent supporter of the game in various capacities, currently serving as the Vice President of the Chess Players' Association of Nigeria.


18 MR. TAJUDEEN OYENEYIN Mr. Tajudeen Oyeneyin is a former National Champion, he won the championship in 1976 and 1977. He has represented Nigeria on numerous occasions and he is extremely passionate about the game and supports youth tournaments in the country





23 MR. CHIMA MGBOKWERE Mr. Chima Mgbokwere is the Chess champion of Total E&P Nigeria Llimited, he is also the Vice Chairman of the Nigeria oil and gas employees workers games having come second in the competition in 2014.

24 MR. EROMOSELE ASIBOR Mr. Eromosele Asibor is arguably the strongest chess player working in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria having won the NOGIG games in 2014. He started playing in 1988, won NBL opens category in 1996, currently oil & gas chess champion


26 DR. PAUL OBIAMIWE Dr. Paul Obiamiwe was a member of the gold medal winning team of the University of Benin to the first NUGA games which had Chess as a scoring event in Port-harcourt in 1988.



29 MR. FEMI GEORGEMr. Femi George was a member of the UNILAG team that won the team gold in the 1996 NUGA on home soil, a very enthusiastic chess sponsor who is always looking at ways to improve chess events through technology. He is also a keen supporter of both Friends of Chess and CPAN events

30 MR. MAGNUS EKPIKEN Mr. Magnus Ekpiken is the current president of the Chess Players Association of Nigeria, he is a keen supporter of Friends of Chess events.






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